Our Process

Family Law in Washington is rooted in concepts, such as community property, that may be unfamiliar to you. Many issues are decided by family law commissioners, who base their decisions on written pleadings and documents, rather than live testimony. That is why we focus so much energy and time on identifying, gathering and preparing documents that are designed to inform and persuade in court.

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Importance of Preparation

The key to a satisfying resolution is preparation. We don’t ‘rush to the table’. We collect the financial and parenting information that our clients need to help them make an intelligent and informed decision. We spend time with our clients developing our position, considering options and drafting settlement materials. This preparation allows our clients to enter into negotiations confidently, and to reach agreements that preserve, rather than destroy, their relationships with their former spouse or partner.

Please note: If you don’t have access to documents, we can help. We have both formal and informal means of acquiring documents, and put them to work for our clients everyday.

Non-Litigation Resolution

Alternative dispute resolution typically involves the clients, their attorneys and a trained neutral third party who helps the clients reach an agreement. This process allows our clients to take an active and even creative part in the resolution of their cases, rather than simply submitting those disputes to a judge who issues a formal ruling.

The choice of mediator or arbitrator is a critical factor in this process. Mediators have different styles and each client has unique needs. We therefore select our mediators carefully and tailor the mediator or arbitrator to the dynamics of each case. We ensure that each mediator has specific expertise in the legal issues particular to the case, and that each client feels at ease with that particular mediator.

We offer a complimentary half-hour consultation. Contact us to discuss your case, explore options, and clarify financial arrangements.